Novimus is the land where humans dwell. It is the largest mortal plane, and the most chaotic.


Culture: The wild, proud, and savage culture that gives women equal status as men. Lots of connection to nature and the Pantheon(or, if you prefer, Demons) of Naranth here...most magic users are druids and clerics.

Climate: Cold, tons of snow in winter. Think northern Canada.

Political Structure: Lots of local gerents who own land, national issues are handled by the monarchy

Summary: It's cold as fuck here and there are a lot of ways to die. But if you're a woman, there is no better place to be, because you actually have equal rights!


Archetype: Painfully affected by “groupthink”. No individual rights.

Climate: Frozen, think arctic circle.

Political Structure: Tribal, no real central government

Summary: Everything is temporary here. Even marriages contractually end after a period of months. You don't make decisions, your family makes decisions on your behalf. And everything is frozen. It fucking sucks.


Culture: Peaceful, hardworking people of the soil. Live humbly, everyone pulls their weight.

Climate: 4 seasons, but winters aren't too bad aside from the occasional storm

Political Structure: Parliamentary system, but in practice it's more of a “board of agriculture.”

Summary: These people are so complacent, they hire the Narantheans to serve as their army. If Naranthis were to fall, Farhonning would follow quickly.


Culture: Snobby cake-eaters and proud, hardworking poor people. No significant middle class.

Climate: It's fucking France.

Political Structure: Monarchy

Summary: Closely tied to the Imperium and the Imperial Church. Invented fashion. Frighteningly misogynistic, women are property, and a woman's status is determined by the status of her husband and/or father.


Culture: Women are domestic goddesses, men are spicy and romantic. Poetry, wine, horses.

Climate: Warm, sun always shining

Political Structure: Monarchy with nobility.

Summary: The horses here are the fastest in the world. Not as misogynistic as Arceaux. Women at least have property rights here, in the form of a dowry given upon marriage. But, still, men's egos have grown fragile in the wake of the patriarchal Imperium. Men are allowed to hit their wives according to “the rule of thumb”.


Culture: Proud, strong people. Most beautiful people ever. Fucking gorgeous, all of them.

Climate: Hot. Think Africa.

Political Structure: Monarchy with local magistrates.

Summary: Touched by the Imperial Church, their culture is being eroded. It's kinda sad.


Culture: Seat of the Imperium. Think America, or even Great Britain before America was a thing.

Climate: Think San Diego, those lucky sons of bitches.

Political Structure: Imperial, they conquer countries but often leave the existing monarchy intact in exchange for allegiance.

Summary: Brash, forceful people, kinda like Americans. The Imperium's goal is to “unite Novimus under one banner”...which is code for “take over the world”.

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